The film features the gorgeous and talented actor Carlo Marks of "Chesapeake Shores" fame. Starring opposite actress Lacey Chabert, Marks plays a Paris-trained chef who will tempt the taste buds of a City high-end real estate broker (Chabert). Marks also has enjoyed guest roles on geek favorite shows like "Smallville" and "SGU Stargate Universe." Get to know this small town guy from Vancouver Island. The movie airs Apr. 8, 2017 on The Hallmark Channel.

CB: What can you share about your role in the upcoming film "Moonlight In Vermont?"

CM: I play Derek in "Moonlight in Vermont." Derek is a world class chef who trained in Paris and was ready to take the international culinary world by storm when he realized that he'd rather work in his hometown with the people and ingredients he grew up with.

Like most chefs, he is a bit of a prickly perfectionist who demands the best from himself and his recipes. He believes in taking time in the creation of his dishes. This love of the "slow life" extends to his appreciation of nature and the ingredients Vermont provides. To Derek cooking is a tradition, a craft handed down from generations and cooking is a way to pay tribute and connect to the people, like his grandmother, in his life who cooked for him.

He will sing to his girlfriend

CB: I'm such a romantic. I'd like to know if you are a romantic at heart.

CM: I am a romantic at heart. There’s a moment in the film where Derek sings to Fiona and this is something I often find myself doing to my girlfriend in real life.

Romance can take on so many different forms, to me it often means being silly or risking embarrassment to make someone else laugh; it also means being an understanding cheerleader for your partner even if you can't necessarily see their point of view all the time.

"Smallville" and "SGU Stargate Universe"

CB: What can you share about your guest roles on geek favorite like "Smallville" and "SGU Stargate Universe?"

CM: "Smallville" was such a fun experience.

I played a little boy who is transformed into a superhero's body. I got to wear a superhero outfit and even fly! "Stargate" was a small role, but it was a fun scene. I remember Jaenelle Monae and her band were performing on the show that day. This was long before her turns in "Hidden Figures" and "Moonlight," and it was easy to see she was going to be a star.

Acting was in his blood

CB: How did you catch the acting bug?

CM: I grew up in community theater. My father directed and acted and my mother designed sets, costumes, and posters. I guess you could say it was in my blood. Telling stories has always fascinated me and acting is the most visceral way to do it.

CB: Baseball season started this week. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk-up song be?

CM: Baseball season is here. Go Jays! If I was an MLB player (I'd probably be a center fielder, at least in my dreams) I'd walk out to...what else - "Moonlight in Vermont;" the Frank Sinatra version!