"Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez has quite a full plate. The 32-year old Golden Globe Award-winning actress was recently in the Mark Wahlberg-led film "Deepwater Horizon," and she's also busy lending her voice to the upcoming animated film Fox animated film, "Ferdinand" and working on the 2018 Paramount Pictures film, "Annihilation," starring Natalie Portman. She's also set to lend her voice to yet another animated character.

Netflix orders 'Carmen Sandiego,' voiced by Gina Rodriguez

As part of the move to offer fresh and interesting content to viewers, Netflix has ordered the animated series titled "Carmen Sandiego," bringing to life the iconic educational computer game character who's known as a thief, Variety reported.

"Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez has signed on to voice the character, whose adventures will be showcased by the series.

Netflix's "Carmen Sandiego" is set to be 20 episodes long, with 22 minutes each. The series will premiere in 2019 and will be executively produced by Duane Capizzi. Together with Rodriguez, "Stranger Things" star Finn Wolfhard will also bring to life the character called Player, Carmen's accomplice, and friend.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen Sandiego was originally developed with a series of educational computer games from Broderbund. She is the leader of a criminal organization who challenges agents of the ACME Detective Agency to capture her. Through her adventures, children are taught geography, history, language, and even math.

An animated series titled Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?" aired between 1994 and 1998, spanning 40 episodes.

Gina Rodriguez's Jane to find love again

While "Carmen Sandiego" is still a couple of years away, TV viewers can still catch Gina Rodriguez on The CW's "Jane the Virgin," which now follows the widowed Jane as she struggles to move on from Michael's death.

In the recent "Jane the Virgin" FYC panel, showrunner and executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman promised that Jane will find love again eventually.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Urman explained that in the last few episodes of the series will show how Jane "regains some of that optimism, some of that love, and starts to believe in romance again and how it’s different from what she first thought it was, so we’re going to get into that and how does Jane believe in magic again."

"Jane the Virgin" returns to The CW on Monday, April 24, at 9 p.m. ET.