In spite of the latest "Terminator" movie bringing in $409m worldwide, Paramount had announced that there will not be any further installment and this has come as a big disappointment for its fans. Arnold Schwarzenegger has now cleared the air and, has denied reports that an end to the Terminator franchise was imminent. He has assured his fans that a reunion with James Cameron was very much on the cards.

Schwarzenegger clears the air

Sky New reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed in an interview with a fan website that Paramount will cease to be a part of the setup but, there are other studios who would like to continue with the franchise.

He has also admitted that he was looking forward to acting in yet another Terminator movie and explained that Paramount may not be interested in continuing but there could be others who would like to carry on with the franchise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not disclose any details but, did drop hints to keep his fans excited. Negotiations are apparently in progress with other studios and James Cameron would be back in 2018 when Terminator will be revived.

Incidentally, James Cameron is a visionary. He had directed “The Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and, the rights to the franchise that starts in 2019 will be his. Therefore, Schwarzenegger believes that a reunion is not too far off.

What is the future?

The movie world is unpredictable and, even the best laid plans can go haywire at times. However, the genre of futuristic films will always survive because they allow creative talents to flourish and, is always considered a safe bet. They have a different type of appeal and, also, the power to attract the viewers.

They offer immense possibilities of implementing one’s talents and, are factors that go to make a successful film. James Cameron knows it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sums it all up as he says that, with Cameron as producer and, another director at the helm, he would not hesitate to do another Terminator. A well written story will always find takers and, will entertain the audience. “Terminator” was the first movie in the series and it came in 1984. “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” was the next one in 1991 and, the time is ripe for the next one.