Randy Jackson is a Grammy-award winning music producer who appeared as a judge on the hit television show, “American Idol.” Randy is also a talent manager and is now helping to develop the career of DJ Pebbles, a 19-year-old pop singer and NYU student who was born in Sydney, Australia.

DJ Pebbles heated up the American pop charts last summer with “To Not Love You.” She is hoping to do it again this summer with her next single—titled “Heart Away From You”— releasing to the states later this month. Many of DJ Pebbles’ songs are inspired by her real-life experiences, such as leaving the love of her life behind in Australia when she relocated to the United States.


Jackson started working with Pebbles in 2015 after being referred to her by a vocal coach in Los Angeles. “I listened to her demos, and I was immediately impressed by her sound,” he explained and described her music as a unique blend of pop and urban. “I told my label--Dream Merchant 21--that they had to sign the girl and I was right. Pebbles is multi-talented; she’s a singer, actress, and DJ too.

She mostly spins large special events like fashion galas and film premieres, but if given a mic, she’s happy to perform her original tracks.” Randy is looking forward to hearing fans’ reactions for “Heart Away From You.” He hosted a release party at Manhattan’s Gansevoort Hotel in April and was very encouraged by the positive reviews by the media.

He and his team are now aiming to get the song played on the radio and in dance clubs nationwide so that the song can make its way onto the Billboard charts.


DJ Pebbles admits she enjoys all aspects of the entertainment industry. “Acting is something I started at a very young age, and it has helped shape my stage presence,” she explains.

“DJing and singing both came later. I never really imagined myself doing either, but I picked up both naturally, and they have become a great form of self-expression. I see myself doing both for a long time.” She says she is proud to make music that is suitable for most situations and occasions.

“The music itself has an EDM dance vibe with a fun, uplifting, sexy beat,” she stated.

“The lyrics are a form of confessional pop. Being managed by Randy Jackson is like hanging with a really wise older brother. He is so intelligent, caring and involved. It's a dream come true, truly. Randy keeps me focused and working hard but with very low pressure.”

Although Pebbles is busy making a name for herself in the music industry, she regards NYU as her artistic home. Aside from the university being located in the perfect place to pursue her musical dreams, she credits it with helping to nurture and build her skills. “I also have to give gratitude to my parents,” she said. “They taught all of their children to be responsible, hard-working, and respectful to others. I hope my music makes them proud. To learn more about me, follow ‘DJ Pebbles’ on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Soundcloud.”