Recently, the folks over at TV Guide got to chat up the crazy "Walking Dead" Sasha star, Sonequa Martin-Green, and she gave us some insight into what was driving the insane thinking that her character was running on in this latest episode 14 that aired this past Sunday night. Apparently, Sasha had an enlightening moment about being able to sacrifice and realizing that it was important for Rosita to stay alive, and more.

She was enlightened

Sonequa, started her explanation of Sasha's behavior off by saying that she felt enlightened in that moment when she told Rosita those words at the gate just before running into the compound alone.

Sasha realized that real strength was not just the ability to survive, but to also be able to sacrifice for the people she loves. She also realized that there was no point in Rosita, sacrificing herself too, because she's going to be needed later on down the road.

A bonding was needed

Next, they talked about the whole bonding situation that went down between Rosita and Sasha. She told them, Sasha needed to bond with her in order for them to be successful. They needed to clear the air, so to speak, so they could see things clearly. She also felt like she needed Rosita's forgiveness over the whole Abraham situation and what not.

Very focused

After that, she described the moment that Sasha was trying to line up a clear shot at Negan, revealing that she was extremely focused to the point that she wasn't worried about what angle Eugene was trying to play at the moment.

And that's all they had to say about that situation.

Anyone could've done it

Lastly, they just got right down to the nitty gritty and asked Sonequa if she agreed with them about this being a very horrid plan that Rosita and Sasha came up with. Surprisingly, Sonequa disagreed, saying that anyone could be driven to this point after suffering such a long, drawn out set of circumstances.

They wanted to limit the risk of the others, and just go in as a duo. Sasha also felt the mission made more sense when Rosita revealed all the skills she possessed.

Obviously, the Sasha portrayer didn't reveal if this is actually the end of the line for her, since that would just be too huge of a spoiler no matter how obvious it seems.

Honestly, I can't imagine her surviving this, but who knows? They may end up, surprising the everliving hell out of us in this next episodes. Maybe, a rescue mission takes place before Negan decides off Sasha. There's so much going on, right now, to count anything out. One thing's for sure, this little stunt that these two tried to pull off, is as close to a suicide mission as you get. No doubt. Stay tuned.