This Monday, we will see Nick Viall choose between Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi on ABC’s "The Bachelor." Before he decides who gets his final rose, he will go on one final date with each girl and then have them meet with his family to get their opinions. This could either work in his favor or be the kiss of death for the relationship.

Father knows best?

Chris Viall, who is Nick’s father, expressed his concerns about his son’s relationship with Vanessa, the Canadian beauty who Nick bonded with early on in the show. A clip for the finale, which was released by ABC, shows Chris and Vanessa discussing if love is truly enough to keep a relationship going.

She appears to think that if two people truly love each other, it is enough to get through just about anything.

Chris seems to have a different opinion on the issue of what makes a relationship work. During their heart-to-heart, he tells her that although love is important, there also needs to be sacrifice and selflessness in order to make things work in the long run. He also sensed that she had some fears in her, despite the obvious love and affection she has for Nick. He worries that she thinks she is going to hurt him and wonders how that will come into play if and when their relationship progresses.

The way they were

Vanessa had quickly become a front-runner for Nick's heart during her one-on-one date, where she and Nick did a space date that had them spinning and feeling as if they were actually up in space.

She had ultimately gotten sick from it, so Nick comforted her and took care of her until she felt better. Since then, the connection remained strong, despite some reservations she had on certain issues, including where they would live and how he handled fellow bachelorette Corrine Olympios’ behavior in the house.

We will find out on Monday if Nick chooses Raven or Vanessa. The finale will be followed by a special "After The Final Rose" episode that promises to air a Bachelor first. Stay tuned!

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8pm EST, only on ABC.