Stephen King is collaborating with his son on an exciting new project. While most people will immediately assume the son in question is Joe Hill, the master of horror, sci fi and fantasy is collaborating with his other, younger, son this time, Owen King. Most fans already know that writing is the family business, with Stephen and his wife Tabitha thoroughly published authors, but their sons also have the writing bug.

While Joe writes horror, just like dad, Owen has, up until now, gone for more mainstream literary fiction. So far he has written the 2005 story collection under the title “We’re All in This Together,” along with a novel published in 2013 titled “Double Feature.” Now, it seems, he is getting into the family theme with a horror/sci fi novel, in collaboration with Stephen.

As noted by Bloody Disgusting, last week saw the A Day Without A Woman strike and demonstration, where women all over the U.S. stood in solidarity on women’s rights, as well as the rights of gender-oppressed people. Many got to feel what it is like not to have women around in the workplace for one day. Now two authors by the surname of King are going further, and imagining a whole world without women.

“Sleeping Beauties” gives an idea of what might happen

The synopsis of the novel sounds exciting. Reportedly the story is set in a small Appalachian town where the principle employer is a women’s prison. The time frame is in the near future when something happens only to the women of the world. The women go to sleep (hence the title "Sleeping Beauties") and then become covered in a gauzy cocoon.

Reportedly while the women are in this state, they "travel" somewhere else. However back in the real world, if someone disturbs or damages the gauze around their bodies, the women awake and suddenly become spectacularly violent and feral.

With the women in this sleeping state, the males of the species are left alone and, without the gentler sex to keep the status quo, they increasingly become primal and dangerous.

However, as the story unfolds, it seems there is one woman remaining – a mysterious woman by the name of Evie, who appears to be immune to whatever has struck down her fellow females. Now said males of the species have to decide what to do. Is Evie is a medical anomaly, possibly answering questions as to the cause of the problem?

Or is she some kind of demon to be feared?

King collaboration hits the shelves in September

As Syfy Wire notes, besides being written by two Kings, the book is king-sized itself, with a massive 720 pages, making it around the same length as classics like “The Stand,” "Duma Key" and “Under the Dome.” Fans of the genre and Stephen King can enjoy “Sleeping Beauties” when it arrives on the shelves and online bookstores on September 26.