Kendall and Kylie Jenner may make it look like they get along but the famous sisters are still feuding behind the scenes. Rumors are swirling that Kendall is trying to outshine her little sister by buying an even bigger mansion. The supermodel just bought a new home last year, and Kylie is still not too happy about it since her fans love seeing photos from her beautiful home. She's afraid that she will continue to get upstaged by her older and much more successful sister.

Jenner sisters fight over their hot properties

According to a report via Ok!

Magazine, she purchased a new home in West Hollywood in June 2016 for $6.5 million. But, apparently, that wasn't enough for her. She was happy of buying her first home until Kylie Jenner stole her moment by purchasing a $12.5 million property a few months later in October. Sources told Radar Online that the sisters have been feuding over their new homes, especially since Kylie's is larger and has a lot of land while Kendall's has less land and just has a pool. Talk about your first world problems.

The tabloid revealed that the sisters have been butting heads over their new homes. They have been planning to expand and add to their properties, but Kylie is still ahead of her older sister. Kendall does not want to have more homes than Kylie.

She just wanted to live near her famous model friends. Kylie wants to continue to buy more properties to outshine her famous older sister. Kylie has been bragging that she's going to become richer than Kim Kardashian-West, and their mom Kris Jenner couldn't be more proud.

Kendall Jenner trashes Kylie's popular lip kits

This just the latest rumor that has come in.

Kendall Jenner was accused of getting lip injections when she let Kylie do her makeup. Since then, the "It" girl has been accused of getting facial reconstruction, Botox, and a nose job. Kendall had her makeup done by Kylie for their Facebook Live interview back in December. Kylie immediately denied the rumors on Snapchat. But, fans were still not convinced and the plastic surgery rumors continued to swirl.

The model put the rumors to rest on her app. She let her younger sister do her makeup for their new book. Since she hardly wears makeup, some would see the difference from her previous photos and assume that she had work done. Kendall is just tired of the bullying that her and her family has received when it comes to their looks, and even went as far as to slam Kylie's lip kits as "tacky," according to another Radar Online report.

Kendall snatches Kylie's stylist right under her nose

Last month, Kylie's stylist, Jonathan Colombini, revealed to Daily Mail Australia that the two met on a photo shoot, where they instantly clicked. But then he was stolen by her older sister, who he now spends most of his time with at her runway shows and photo shoots. He even joked that there was a feud going on between the sisters. But he insists that Kylie doesn't seem to mind, as long as he continues to work for their whole family.