Rap fans haven't even had a chance to recover from last week's savage diss track, “shETHER” before Remy Ma dropped “Another One.” In “shETHER,” a response to two tracks in which Nicki Minaj dissed Ma, the Terror Squad rapper went so personal not even Minaj's brother was spared the assault. Now many believe the new track was born out of frustration from a lack of response from Nicki Minaj, the target of the rapper's vitriol.

The only response from Minaj has been via pictures on Instagram, one reminding fans that Beyonce once referred to Minaj as the rap queen, the other was a reference to Remy's failed album.


In the heat of it

The reason that Remy Ma dropped “Another One” is that it failed to illicit a response from Minaj in the form of a diss track. Funk Flex debuted the track on Hot 97 radio after which it went viral. Most of Minaj's fans immediately slammed it as trash and dismissed Remy as an attention seeker. As if Minaj's derriere doesn't already hog all of the spotlight.

In “Another One” Remy threatens Minaj with a tape she purports to have in her possession that incriminates the “Anaconda” singer. Featured on the cover of the latest single is a photoshopped picture of Minaj lying down, covered in blood and crime scene tape. Remy Ma also shared an unflattering old photo of Minaj on Instagram so that fans could compare her derriere then and now.

The feud of the decade: why Remy Ma dropped “Another One”

In 2007 Nicki Minaj started a feud that has now lasted for a decade. In a track called “Dirty Money”, Minaj seemed to take a swipe at Remy Ma when she made an obscure reference that the Terror Squad MC took as a personal insult. Minaj never confirmed or denied the charge.

To add insult to injury, rumors began to emerge of an intimate relationship between the two female rappers. Although both of them denied having ever been lovers, a video of Remy Ma's ex-revealed a striking resemblance to Minaj.

For the next 6 years, the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility became Remy Ma's home when she was incarcerated on multiple charges.

On the outside, Minaj's career was booming, and Ma soon began to take shots at Minaj again while reigniting her career after prison.

Though not nearly as vicious as “shETHER”, after Remy Ma dropped “Another One” she still turned up the heat enough to make everyone uncomfortable.