Navigating the Indie Author World

The independent author steps out on their own and publishes without the backup of a publisher. It sounds scary, but it really isn't. I tried it with my children's books and was delighted with the outcome. The characters looked just like I wanted them to look and I had control over the colors. No one told me what to do, but no one bought them either. Well, until lately. Finally, the word is getting around.

But a Novel?

Even a short was pretty easy. I have one up for The Foundlings of Nirvana and one coming called Leanore's Tale, but an entire novel?

That is a pretty overwhelming project and not one I'm ready to take on... yet. But, being an indie author doesn't mean you do it by yourself. You can hire an editor, an agent, even a publicist to help you out and if you sell enough books you won't miss out on a traditional publisher either.


Goodreads offers you a plethora of books and authors to choose from. Some books are free while some are available at a nominal charge and you get to hang out with the authors. I discovered an independent group of authors and have been amazed at their tenacity. Their graphics are excellent and while their marketing power is just starting, I believe this group will take it all the way. Today starts their Spring Festival where you can buy books for just .99 and win Amazon Gift Cards.

I encourage you to stop by. They are located at

Creative Director

Indie authors see themselves as the designer of their book, from covers to fonts to formatting they get to do it all unless they hire someone to do it for them. This can add up to a big capital expense, but is worth it to many of them for the independence it creates.

Some indie authors collaborate with publishers using publishing services, but the author must beware. Not all publishing services are created equal. Other indie authors chose the small publisher route which gives you the independence to market as you please and the benefit of a large group of authors to market with.

For a good book to reach an audience it is imperative that the novel be well-edited and formatted correctly.

I went on a free book binge over the last month at Amazon and found some books outstandingly well written and others poorly edited. I didn't like the free books that leave you hanging just so you'll pay the .99 to finish the rest of the story. When that happened, I bought the 2nd book and never read another by the same author. If they had told me up front that the book was a cliff hanger I would have gladly paid the price to continue on, but if you trick me, you'll have seen the last of me.

If you have an e-reader and are in the mood for some great reads do try free books over on Amazon. I was really surprised at the quality. Even if it hurts my sales you will find some really wonderful up and coming authors with some spectacular talent.