After the most reason episode, “I’ll Fly Away,” it’s important to explain everything that’s happened these past few episodes. "Nashville" is a musical drama that was created in 2012 by Callie Khouri. It follows the lives of multiple country singers, including Rayna Jaymes, Juliette Barnes, Scarlett O’Connor, and Deacon Claybourne. The show first aired on October 10th, 2012, and is currently in its fifth season. The characters of the shows have been through a lot, two of them are leaving the show now.

‘Nashville’ season 5, episode 9 and 10 recap

In episode 9 of “Nashville,” Rayna is in the hospital after a terrible car crash.

She has a shattered pelvis and hip and undergoes surgery, which lasts 4 hours. Afterward, Deacon hears her talking to her mother, who has been dead for quite some time, and he begins to worry. He tells the doctor, mentioning that he has heard that people go through the experience of speaking to dead loved ones when they’re on the brink of death. However, the doctor tells him not to worry about it. Daphne invites her choir to the hospital to sing to Rayna, and during a song, Rayna crashes as her organs start to fail. Rayna dies with everyone around her bed.

Episode 10, 'I’ll Fly Away,' shows Rayna’s funeral

A lot of “Nashville” characters are at the funeral to pay their respects to Rayna and her family, some who usually aren’t there, such as Rayna’s sister, Tandy, and Teddy, Rayna’s ex-husband.

It starts to rain as Rayna’s casket is being lowered into the ground, and then everyone goes to the Jaymes’ house for the wake. Daphne and Maddie act like sisters for once, and after acting tough for everyone else at the funeral, Scarlet breaks down and cries. Thankfully, Gunnar is there to hold her and calm her down. Clay considers leaving.

Rayna dies as Juliette starts to walk again

Juliette isn’t using crutches anymore and ends up trading places with Faith Hill, who was supposed to replace Rayna at the “Country Music Television” awards. Zach creates a video of moments with Rayna and then flirts with Will. They toast to Rayna, mentioning their gratitude for her since she helped make all their careers, and then Zach talks about his ‘deep connection’ with Rayna, but stops part way through.

Maddie and Deacon bond, ending with Maddie tucking Deacon into bed, even though she should be the one getting consoled. Teddy tries to get full custody of Daphne and Maddie. Deacon agrees without a fight, but after seeing them perform Rayna’s song at the CMT awards, Teddy tells Deacon he can be the guardian until he gets out of jail. “I’ll Fly Away” was a heartbreaking episode of "Nashville," filled with many twists and turns, and plenty of tears.