On the "Tonight Show," host Jimmy Fallon has a segment called “Dance Battle” where he brings his guests out and they pick a card out of the “velvety dance bag” and make up a fun and crazy dance to funny phrases and mundane items. On Wednesday, Jimmy brought guest star Jennifer Lopez, 47 years-old, and a famous singer, out onto the stage to participate. Obviously, the fans went crazy. Jennifer Lopez is well known for her singing, dancing, and sex appeal, so fans were excited to see her dance to things such as a washing machine on the spin cycle and hot cowboy.

Lopez and Fallon proceeded to combine their talents for dancing in an effort to make the audience laugh, which they succeeded in doing.

What actually happened

Lopez and Fallon danced their 'behind' off on Wednesday, making the audience go crazy, more so over Lopez, who is widely known for her sexual dance moves. Jimmy came in a close second, but couldn’t compare with her spinning hips and hair flips as she mimicked a washing machine on a spinning cycle. For Jimmy’s first turn, he got the card “putting on skinny jeans.” He mimicked the struggle of trying to pull the pants up, bending in all types of way to try and force them. He got plenty of laughs in this one, especially from Lopez herself, and as he finished, he faked his out of breath state.

Hot cowboy for Lopez

For Lopez’s next turn, she picks the card “hot cowboy” much to the excitement of Jimmy, who says how relieved he is that he doesn’t have to use that card. She threw her leg up as if she was riding a mechanical bull. She then tipped her fake cowboy hat before rolling her body as if the machine had turned on and was jerking her all around.

Jimmy was ecstatic, laughing so loudly he couldn’t get his words out.

He then picked the card “walking on a moving bus”, and he quickly unraveled as he did his scene. He shakily moved his legs around as he made up the stage, mimicking someone who couldn’t stand as he made his way to the front of the bus, causing many laughs and cheers.

All in all, the episode showed Fallon and Lopez having a fun time dancing and miming many odd situations, some that would occur in real life. These two were laughing and joking the entire time, at each other and with each other. Looking at the video, one could say that Lopez and Fallon danced their behinds off.