With an astonishing ninety-four percent on Rotten Tomatoes, "Logan", the film about a forgotten Wolverine who helps a young mutant stay safe as she is being pursued by dark forces, has already broken box-office records in its opening weekend.

'Logan' draws a new crowd.

Taking home over eighty-five million dollars, "Logan" crushed the young adult thriller "Before I Fall" and the Christian "The Shack" in its opening weekend. It is the best opening weekend for an R-rated film in March, beating "Fifty Shades of Grey" ($85.1milion) and "The Passion of the Christ" ($83.8million).

While the film is a part of a very successful Wolverine franchise and based on the hit comic books Wolverine, the film does not play just to previous fans. "Logan" takes it a step further and tries to acquire new fans.

"The Dark Knight" overtook the superhero genre when it dared to be more than just an action-packed, otherwise lifeless film about Batman. It was about chaos and panic, two influential aspects of modern society. Then, "Deadpool" burst onto the scene last year, redefining the genre once again, proving that a superhero film could also be a well-written, hilarious romantic comedy. Now, "Logan" is a coming-of-age family drama that caters to both men and women, pulling on the heartstrings of parents and those who act as the providers and protectors of their families.

"Logan" is much more than a film about Wolverine. It is a film about trust and how far a person is willing to go to protect one of their own.

'Logan's' projected future stays strong but will see competition.

"Logan" is projected to continue to break box office records in its upcoming second and third week. However, Logan might lose some of its potential viewers to March 17th's "Beauty and the Beast".

Produced by Disney, the live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" stars Emma Watson, Josh Gad, and Dan Stevens. It is expected to draw large crowds among females of all ages and families.

"Logan" will also see stiff competition from "Kong: Skull Island" and "Life". However, both of these films play to niche audiences and, critically, are expected to be no match for "Logan."

The Hugh Jackman starrer, is not just a superhero money-making machine, it is a film about passion, family, and understanding. "Logan" is worth seeing on the big screen. Do not walk. Run to see this movie.