There's no denying Kourtney Kardashian loves her kids and is a great mom, but that hasn't stopped some fans from criticizing the 37-year-old for allowing her daughter to have a "lip ring." Kourt shared a photo on social media this past week that shows 4-year-old Penelope sleeping with what appears to be a new lip piercing.

Kourtney posted the image on Instagram with the caption "Our Oscar Sunday. Yes, that's a lip ring. Thanks @kimkardashian." This makes mention of the fact Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting a new lip ring as well, although there's no confirmation on if Kim's ring is the real deal or just temporary jewelry.

However, it's believed Kim's is a fake as she has been seen without the lip ring as well. Of course, there's no doubt Penelope's lip ring is fake.

So why all the hate towards Kourtney?

Us Weekly mentioned the angry comments Kardashian received on the post as Instagram users said the little girl shouldn't have a lip ring, whether it's real or not.

“A child shouldn’t have that. Period."

“You got your little daughter a lip ring? And parent of the year goessss to."

"Why don’t you just add a belly button ring too?"

The website continued to quote the mean-spirited comments as some went as far as to compare Kourtney's parenting to their own childhood. "When I was her age I wasn’t even allowed to wear nail polish."

While some pointed out the lip ring was most likely fake, it didn't seem to matter as people relentlessly ripped into Kourtney for even allowing her daughter to pretend with the jewelry.

However, Penelope is simply doing what all kids do — mimicking an adult in their life.

Kourtney's response to the lip ring drama

So far, Kourtney has yet to comment publicly on Penelope's new jewelry, but perhaps that's because she assumes most people know it's a fake. Plus, the Kardashian family is used to making headlines over false news as the controversy seems to follow them.

Maybe it's for the best Kourt doesn't add fuel to this drama as some sites have taken to defending her parenting decisions for her.

Entertainment Tonight said Penelope is one "cool kid" as she sported the new jewelry. "The adorable daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick was snapped rocking a trendy lip ring while lying in bed with her famous mom over the weekend."

It seems people will always disagree when it comes to the Kardashians, but in this case, people seemed to unfairly judge Kourtney for her decision to let her daughter have some (make believe) fun.