On Thursday, Katy Perry posted a picture showing off her new hair style. The picture was posted on Instagram and it comes soon after her breakup with British actor Orlando Bloom. Just a day before, the representatives of both the stars announced that the couple had ended their 1-year long relationship.

New way of thinking for the year 2017, says Katy Perry

After the announced breakup with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, on Thursday, tweeted about her new way of thinking for the year 2017. The “Chained to Rhythm” singer stated in her tweet that it is possible to stay friends with your former partner and love him too.

She also added that no one is a victim or a villain from their relationship and asked her fans to stay happy and get a life. She looks beautiful with her new hairdo.

Katy not prepared for the new look until now

Katy is preparing new music and she posted some videos on Wednesday. She seemed to be happy after the split, as she was seen enjoying herself with friends. One of the videos she posted on Thursday saw her saying that she was not ready for sporting her new look until now. Her hairstylist responded by asking her whether Katy remembered that she had been waiting to do this from the day they met. To this, Katy replied she remembered but hadn’t been ready for it.

Fans go crazy over Katy’s new look

Just minutes after posting her new look online, fans of Katy went crazy and some even started comparing her new look with Miley Cyrus.

Katy Perry and Orlando dated for just over one year. They ended their relationship after attending Sunday night’s Oscar bash. It was later reported that she went crazy after seeing a video of Orlando getting cozy with a woman at the pre-Oscar party.

The British actor, who is known for his roles in the Pirates of Caribbean, was seen flirting with a woman named Erin McCabe, daughter of Les McCabe, CEO of a charitable organization in Los Angeles that Bloom is involved with.

The video that went viral saw Orlando kissing Erin on the cheeks and placing his hand on her knees. They both left the event about the same time.

Another lady who was at the party and saw the couple getting close at the bash said that if she was in Katy’s place, she wouldn’t have been happy to see her man with another woman like that.

With her new look, Katy Perry has made it clear that she is moving on with her life.