Fitness guru Richard Simmons' alleged disappearance from the public eye has been an ongoing mystery for the past three years.The 68-year-old Simmons has not been seen publicly since 2014 and even his closest friends have not been permitted to into Simmons' home to see or speak with him. Such bizarre behavior has opened the door to many speculated theories as to why Richard suddenly vanished more than three years ago.

'Sweatin' to the Oldies' star Richard Simmons friends continue to fear for his safety

Rumors that Richard was being held captive in his home at the hands of his nurse/housekeeper Teresa Reveles began spreading along with tales that Richard could be suffering possible elder abuse at the hands of his caregiver.

Simmons soon after contacted Entertainment Tonight to deny claims of elder abuse and kidnapping. Next, tales that Richard had undergone a sex change operation began surfacing, but nothing ever became of those tales either.

New podcast hopes to reveal mystery behind Richard Simmons' disappearance

Richard's closest pals began phoning and dropping by his home demanding to see and speak with the star. However, their efforts were useless as they were constantly turned away by Reveles. Daily Show producer and close personal friend of Simmons, Dan Taberski's concern for his friend's well-being continues to mount, so much that he has been conducting podcast interviews with those who knew Richard best, discussing the possibilities of what may, or may not have happened to him.

Photographers stationed outside Simmons' California home over the weekend captured photos of Reveles outside the home picking up newspapers, but once again there was no sign of Richard anywhere."Where's Richard?" is the title of Taberski's series of podcasts that will detail his friendship with the exercise guru and his bizarre behavior over the recent years.

Despite Los Angels police officers visiting Simmons' home for a health check and coming away convinced all was good, most are still not satisfied that something shady hasn't taken place concerning Richard. Taberski hopes that by releasing the series of six podcasts some of his many questions concerning the mystery of Richard's health, whereabouts, and "decision" to leave behind his past world will soon be answered.

Do you believe that Richard Simmons has chosen a life as a recluse, or could there be something more sinister behind the mystery?