Counter Play” is a new television series set in Australia that focuses on the adventures of private investigators. Soon to air to American audiences, actress Nancy Rizk plays the key role of Logan, a sassy detective. Nancy Rizk was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and she is of Middle-Eastern descent. Now living in Los Angeles, Nancy has secured a part of “Emergency LA” as Jennifer Jackson. Nancy is trained in combat, and sword fights does archery and does most of her own stunts. Moreover, she speaks multiple languages and teaches acting to adult students.

She is now dabbling in producing a TV series and was happy to talk about her experiences working in the entertainment industry.


Blasting News (BN): How did you decide that you definitely wanted to be an actress?

Nancy Rizk (NR): I always dreamed of acting, but I was too shy to go for it. I did hair and makeup backstage, and when I was twenty, I embraced my passion. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing how far I have come since then.

BN: What are some of your favorite genres to work in?

NR: Action and Sci-Fi; I love doing my own stunts and embodying unique characters.

BN: How did you get involved in “Counter Play”?

NR: I met the director Chrys Philips, and we instantly hit it off. I was honored to be part of Season 1 and now Season 2 coming through this year.

As soon as I read the script, I knew that I wanted to be involved. It’s “Revenge” meets “Pretty Little Liars”; something we haven’t seen yet in Australia. Million-dollar coastline, luxury cars, and high-end couture is the scenic city of South Point where wealth and corruption live side by side. You don’t know who is good and who is bad; there are so many twists and turns.

Logan was introduced to the story to instigate a twist in the show and add a strong female presence. It’s fun to play a strong seductress. She’s devious. She knows what she wants and gets it. She doesn't give up.

BN: What kinds of stunts do you do yourself?

NR: Mainly sword fighting, archery, weapons training and wushu (kung fu) and tai chi.

I would love to train more of the extreme stuff. I prefer fight stunts as opposed to jumping out of buildings or burning cars. Although if I could, I would. I never say no until I’ve tried it.

BN: Ultimately, what is your "dream role”?

NR: “Game of Thrones”! The story, the actors, the team, and the graphic content is definitely my type. So far, my favorite role was in a short film I did in LA where I played an interrogator. It was such an intense character and being able to speak my native tongue as my character was awesome.


BN: You've also embraced producing! What's that like?

NR: I’m still new at producing and am blessed to work with amazing people who are guiding me through the process.

I can't say much about the show yet, but it’s a Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV series.

BN: Do you prefer Melbourne or LA?

NR: I love both, but Melbourne is home. LA is a great place for artists. It’s where all the magic happens. I’ve had some great times and some hard times and adjusting is always a transition. I am lucky to have a great support network in LA and Melbourne. As long as I am performing and doing what I love I am happy.

BN: Which upcoming projects would you like to mention?

NR: I am currently in training for a lead role in a film called “The Black Mask” where I play a lead detective. I’m also in another feature film called “She’s Not So Ordinary” which is a psychological horror. I play Katie, a seductress Hell Vixen, so it takes you into two different worlds!

BN: What advice can you offer to aspiring actresses?

NR: Never give up! It doesn’t matter what you look like, what background you are if you are short, tall, skinny or not. There is always a role for you! Give it everything you have, but always stay grounded and humble. Don’t be a diva, as the entertainment industry is small and people talk. Train your heart out at a local acting school and make it a priority to learn and read as much as you can.