Liam Payne and Cheryl are now celebrating the coming of their newborn baby boy, who hast been named yet. However, as a lot of celebrities are sending their love and congratulations to the couple, his former One Direction bandmates haven’t sent any such reactions yet.

In fact, at the time that the new parents announced the birth of their child on Wednesday, Harry Styles just shared a plain white picture on his Instagram account. Not minding his ex-groupmate’s son, he even changed his profile picture into just a white snap.

‘Dunkirk’ star ignores bandmate’s newborn child

As Harry’s move was sent to his almost 20 million followers, things got cleared when his new single was surprisingly dropped at the semi-finals of “The Voice.” A teaser of what is believed to be his new music video was seen on the show. The ex-boyfriend of Kendall Jenner seemed too excited to announce the coming of his new album, thus he forgot that Liam just became a father. The short teaser gave a glimpse of the dripping wet “Dunkirk” star walking toward a door with a beaming light behind it. But, after his face and eyes came into full view, it was suddenly brought to a close. After that, the date April 7th was flashed on TV screens, hinting the official date Harry’s new single would be dropped.

The hashtag #HS1isComing then started trending on Twitter.

New parents showed their first baby to the world

Meanwhile, Cheryl and Liam’s bundle of joy arrived on March 22, thus the couple shared the lovely news on Instagram along with a very sentimental picture on Saturday. "On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream,” “The X-Factor” judge captioned the snap.

The photo showed Liam cradling his little boy tightly and the photo seemed to overflow with love. "Although he still doesn't have a name he is already stealing hearts.

We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival,” she added.

The former One Direction singer, on the other hand, shared the same photograph, saying that he was “incredibly happy to welcome” their new baby into the world. He, too, shared that it was a moment that he would never forget for the rest of his life and was one of his favorite memories that he would treasure forever.