A sports announcer for the Sheffield Steelers ice Hockey team by the name of David Simms has recently found himself getting in an awful lot of trouble for making a homophobic comment after a gay couple ended up on the “Kiss Cam” during the halftime show. It was an otherwise really cute moment, where we see the couple obviously had no problem showing everyone at the game that they’re a couple who love each other. Reports say that aside from his comment, everyone at the game seemed to have reacted quite positively to the kiss, which is exactly how everyone should react, because it's 2017 for God’s sake.

Trump might be the President somehow, sure, but that doesn’t mean that you get to go back in time to when being gay was “wrong.”

The Sports Announcer Steps out of Line

The announcer responded to the kiss with “That’s disgusting" and after being criticized for what he said, he went further by going on to the BBC Radio Sheffield show and saying that maybe he lives in a different world from everyone else because he couldn't figure out how he's offended anyone. He felt the world had moved on to a place where he no longer feels comfortable. Wow! It’s legitimately time for you to pack up your stuff and your bigoted, unwanted, and certainly unnecessary opinion, and hit the road. Maybe go join a Trump team that feels the same way as you do about “The Gays” and as you all have dinner with Mike Pence, surrounded by anti-gay, “Holier Than Thou” paraphernalia.

The Internet Wasn't Having It With the Homophobia

The Internet wasn’t particularly pleased, either, and took to the Internet to voice their opinions of it all via the power of Twitter:

In response to all the backlash, the sports team Sheffield Steelers came forward with a public statement apologizing greatly for the mishap and to the LGBT community and everyone who was offended by the announcer David Sims on Saturday March 4th.

David Sims has also apologized to the couple in person. Read the full press statement below

Honestly, we just can’t wait for the day when he decides on an “early retirement.” Wouldn’t you agree?