Emma Watson is the hottest celebrity right now, with her film “Beauty and the Beast” dropping tomorrow in theaters. But with fame comes detractors, and it seems Emma’s haters are working 24/7 to bring her down. Recent reports suggest Emma Watson nude photos have been leaked online to the surprise of the star. The actress is among the victims of a recent cyber attack on Hollywood celebrities.

Emma Watson reacts to nude photos: ‘It was a hoax.'

Poor little Emma has been one of the newest victims of an alleged nude photo leak after talks online suggested that pics of her in compromising positions were released.

Sources said the photos were released to the “dark web” -- an encrypted network not accessible to the standard Internet user. Users on Reddit as well as 4chan have claimed to see the photos, although nothing has been released to the public.

While hackers and sites thirsty for traffic have been teasing readers of the nudes, Emma is already a few steps ahead of them and had already slammed all rumors. The “Harry Potter” actress has already denied any allegations of her having nude photos, clarifying in a 2015 interview that she knew any claims of her having these photos are false.

"I knew it was a hoax. I knew the pictures didn't exist," she shared during a sit-down interview for her HeForShe campaign.

Watson’s publicist has also clarified the rumors, saying the photos in question were indeed stolen, but they were not naked ones.

"Photos from clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen," the rep explained. "They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed, and we are not commenting further."

This only shows the Emma Watson steam train is still moving fast, and no hater can put her down.

"Beauty and the Beast" movie is also possibly on its way to breaking weekend records at the box office this week.

Amanda Seyfried nude photos are real

While Emma Watson has denied the photos to be real, it seems Amanda Seyfried can’t say the same. The photos rumored to show her naked and in “intimate moments” with her ex-boyfriend are also said to be on its way online.

The “Mama Mia!” actress has taken legal steps to make sure the photos don’t proliferate online.

TMZ published a copy of the letter sent by Seyfried’s lawyers to the site Celeb Jihad threatening to take “any and all appropriate steps to protect and enforce our client’s rights.”

The letter demanded that the site permanently deletes the compromising photos and to “cease and desist any use of the Seyfried Photographs.”

Aside from Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, Reddit users claim there are more celebrity nude photos to be released in the coming days. Fans just hope that the list won’t include their idols.