Emma Watson played the beloved character of Hermoine Granger in the “Harry Potter” movies. Little girls wanted to be her. Adult women wanted their daughters to be like her. She was the young woman that was setting the standard for women and girls all over the world by playing a strong female that was not afraid to excel.

Emma Watson was serious about her job

As Time points out, Watson was only 9-years-old when she got the part of Hermoine Granger in the first “Harry Potter” movie. It was the first movie she even auditioned for and she got that job.

That rarely ever happens in show business so she was determined to do the job well. Because of this, she memorized her own lines and she memorized the lines of her fellow cast mates, too. She would often mouth the words of others' lines to help them out. And it ruined many scenes!

Watson was so embarrassed when Jimmy Kimmel showed her the tape that showed her mouthing the lines of her cast mates that she was doubled over, cringing at the scene. She admits that she loved the books so it was important for her to do well when she played Hermoine Granger. She called herself a “loser” when she was talking to Kimmel but most of us can agree that she is anything but that!

Today Emma Watson is a star

Mashable states that Watson has learned from her mistakes and it certainly appears that she has, because today, she’s nothing less than a shining star. She continues to be a great example for little girls and women that want to reach their goals. She pushes forward and continually challenges herself in the roles she takes on whether she is acting in films like “Regression,” where she plays a young woman that has been sexually abused by her father, or in a live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.

Emma also sets an example for young women everywhere in her personal life. She consistently speaks out for women’s issues like equality, fair pay, and even the right to dress how you choose. Her Vanity Fair pictorial raised quite the ruckus when one of her pictures features her in a cardigan that barely covered the essentials but she spoke out for her right to dress how she chooses and still fight for women’s rights.