Brie Larson showed the world her wide range of emotion as an actress in her Oscar-winning role in “Room.” Her portrayal of a captive mother, determined to offer the world to her growing son, won her acclaim that opened doors to any role she could have wanted. Her latest film “Kong: Skull Island” stars Larson as a war correspondent who uses her lens to show the ravages of battle to those on the mainland, before encountering the ultimate beast as an adversary. No matter the elements that besieged the beauty, she kept her creative inspiration flowing, even at 120 degrees.

Brie’s abilities no secret

Brie Larson has been acting since age 7, so it’s no wonder that she laughed at Hollywood press who marveled at “how well she’s handling all this” inside her after-Oscar crush. The same grit that kept the versatile actress aiming for the top served her well while portraying Mason in 120-degree temperatures in the Vietnamese jungles while filming, and she honed her on-camera vocation with her own real photographs of every shot taken for movie graphics.

“Every shot that Weaver [her character] took, I made sure I took, “ Brie explained to Jenna Bush Hager on “Today.” She has studied photography since high school, and develops her own film. She probably has images to rival the King Kong poster that she saw on her parents’ wall growing up, and she has talent for more than photos.

Music was as much a passion as acting for teenage Brie Larson, who made quite the imprint with music videos and songs through her early 20s with tunes like “She Said” and “Finally Out of P.E.” The woman of many talents won’t close the door on more music, either. When asked if she would go back to the studio, her reply was, “oh, definitely, someday-- I always want to create.”

From kitchen to go-carts

Brie was honored to touch base with “extraordinary” real photojournalists who put their lives on the line every day to make the news reality for their viewing public.

She wants her role in this Kong installment to serve as tribute to them. The statuesque star is definitely not all work and no play, however.

She would organize “Brie-kends” from Australia, to Africa, to Vietnam while filming, and she and her stellar cast mates would race go carts, or drive “Ani-Mall” vehicle creatures through shopping malls.

Their fun was usually capped off with a special meal, courtesy of Chef Brie Larson. This is one actress who doesn't just wear many hats, she probably makes them, too.

“Kong: Skull Island” is in theaters now.