"The Bachelor" Nick Viall heads to the Fantasy Suite with Vanessa Grimaldi on Monday night and a tense conversation about their future will have fans wondering if Nick has any interest in settling down. After spending the day together, Vanessa will put Nick on the spot before she accepts the key to a private suite, something that makes him rather uncomfortable.

Although Nick has done his best to convince everyone that he is looking for a wife, his reaction to Vanessa's question about relocating to Canada clearly spells disaster for this relationship.

Nick loves living in the U.S.

During the preview for Monday night's Fantasy Suite dates episode, Vanessa asks Nick if he'd be willing to relocate to Canada. She has a large family and a wonderful job as a special education teacher so why would she want to leave for a guy she spent just a few weeks with?

Nick tells Vanessa that he's proud to live in the United States and doesn't seem to be on board with moving from L.A. to Canada. And now that ABC has revealed that Nick is going to be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" in March, it makes it even more difficult to believe that he would make the move to Canada.

Fantasy or misery suite?

According to Reality Steve, Nick and Vanessa do spend the night in the Fantasy Suite despite their strained conversation about Nick moving to Canada.

Cameras stop rolling after the couple shuts the door so fans won't know what really happens unless they decide to talk about their night together during the "The Bachelor: After The Final Rose" special that airs after the March 13 season finale.

Steve's spoilers point to Nick and Vanessa getting engaged on the finale, so apparently a little thing like where they're going to live didn't get in the way of their night together.

Although they are reportedly still engaged their future together is questionable. Not only does Nick seem to be stuck on staying in L.A., his upcoming gig on "Dancing with the Stars" won't leave him much time to travel to Canada to visit Vanessa.

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