In the United States, a new political world has taken place by the election of Mr Donald Trump as president. It has been a mark by golden ink in the political history of the United States that no other president promised so many things to the citizens, especially to the young generation during his election campaigns.

Trump's promise to the citizens

President Trump had promised many things favorable to the citizens of the United States. He now has started implementing them one by one. The first and foremost he has initiated is implementation of Muslim Ban.

By his law of ban, Muslims have no right or standing in the United States and almost all the Muslim people have been sent off from America. This step has been a relief to the local community.

Another step is being implemented by the president's administration, which disallows H1-B Visa by which people from other countries are not given the opportunity to enter America mainly for employment purpose. This step has been a very favorable relief for the local people. They are now getting easy opportunities for jobs of their choice and thereby their poverty and financial weakness is being alleviated.

Border wall is being debated

Trump has taken action on the proposal of the border wall. This step will require financial investment of more than $1 billion.

High ranking officials of the administration are viewing this proposal seriously because it will involve a huge financial burden. However, Trump is confident that he will successfully discharge whatever he promised to the local people during his election campaign to the interest and benefit of the local people.

One can observe the aforementioned steps among many others and can see that Trump is mainly concerned about his local people and social, welfare, safety and security of their well-being.

It can be seen in the near future that leaders of other countries of the world will adopt a number of good system and style of the Trump administration. As he crosses off his promises, the American people are finding out more and more about his character.