Amber Heard, 30, talked bout her bisexuality in an interview she gave during an event in NYC. The actress confessed she was attracted to both Men And Women in 2010. Since that time her artistic career changed forever since she was labeled as bisexual. Thanks to that experience, Heard realized that there are still many prejudices against women in Hollywood. The artist says that if an actor confessed his homosexuality there would not be so much media harassment and everything would be forgotten in a month. The "Machete Kills" star is still surprised that her bisexuality is news.

Love life

"The Ward" star is divorced from Johnny Depp, 53, to whom she was married two years. The marriage ended in the worst way because Heard accused the actor of domestic violence. Previously, the actress had dated men and women. Her most important relationship was with the photographer Tasya Van Ree, 40, with whom spent three years. Heard never hid her lesbian romances and lived with complete freedom. The actress is an activist for the LGBT community rights because she wants a society free of prejudices, which causes so much damage.


Heard was always honest with her bisexuality but never believed that the media would define her for the partner she had. The actress wants her to be known only for her artistic work and not for her love life, although she will never hide it because it would be worse.

In Hollywood, there are still Celebrities who hide their true sexuality for fear of the opinion of others. They fear being labeled for their sexuality and their artistic talent is ignored. They want to play roles of all kinds and not just gay characters. Anyway, many celebrities in Hollywood want to change that so that everyone has the same options.

Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Cara Delevigne, among others, publicly defend the LGBT community rights, since they use their fame for a good cause. Although some believe that they only do it for publicity and not because they believe it.