"Yuri On Ice" has become an instant hit and people began to think what will happen next after Episode 12 ended in December. However, a full month has passed and there is no update regarding "Yuri On Ice" season 2 yet. Now, it seems like the wait for the announcement for the possible sequel may be over as the show's creator will be attending a special event in Japan.

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills will be streaming the season 1 marathon on February 11 at 10 am, where fans will get to watch the highly-popular Japanese sports anime television series on the big screen.

Aside from watching Episode 1 up to Episode 12 with your fellow fanatics, a talk show segment with the show's creator, Mitsurou Kubo, will also be included. Tickets for the marathon event is at 3,000 yen or $26 USD approximately.

Update for 'Yuri On Ice' season 2 may be announced in marathon event

Since this is such a huge event, many are expecting that this is the perfect venue for Mitsurou Kubo to finally announce the possibility of the second season. Although this could be ideal, the Japanese manga artist kept mum about what she is planning to discuss during the talk show.

Voice actors for Yuri Katsuki (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), Victor Nikiforov (Junichi Suwabe), and Yuri Plisetsky (Kouki Uchiyama will also be present in the event.

Toshiyui Toyonaga made fans even more hopeful after revealing that Mitsurou Kubo has already some new ideas in mind, possibly for the much-wanted sequel.

'Yuri On Ice' captures fans' hearts, hopes for sequel ASAP

What separates "Yuri On Ice" from all the other anime series is its unpredictability. While most protagonist wins and gets what they want in the series, Yuri Katsuki had to deal with embarrassment and defeat.

Yuri Katsuki had so many loser moments that fans get attached to the character for what he was dealing was also dealt by real people in real-life. Not only that, the show also tackled the subject where other anime series tried to avoid - sexuality.

This made the series much more worth watching and fans are hoping for "Yuri On Ice" season 2 to happen soon.