“Timeless,” one of the most original series on television for a long time, has ended its first season with its 16th episode that tied up some storylines and set up a possible second season. However, as Deadline suggests, a second season for the time traveling series is by no means assured. Fortunately it is not out of the question.

To those who have not seen this series, it concerns a trio of time travelers, Lucy the historian, Rufus the technology geek, and Wyatt the solider, who go through time trying to stop a madman named Flynn who is trying to change history and wreck the fabric of time.

They uncover a conspiracy called Rittenhouse that has been pulling the strings behind the scenes since the French and Indian War. Our heroes pop up at various parts of American history and meet some historical figures, great and obscure, while they battle Flynn, who may not be such a bad guy after all. The final episode ended with an uncomfortable meeting with Sen. Joe McCarthy and a look at the gay club scene in the 1950s, oddly enough with no reference to Roy Cohn.

The good news is that the ratings for “Timeless,” while not great, are not bad either. NBC, the network which is running the show, has made money on it. The show has a small but loyal following and is family friendly, a great selling point.

It may well be worth it to give the series a second season to allow it to develop further rather than spend the money developing a replacement that may or may not make the numbers.

If the fans want to save the show for a second season, the time to do so is now and not when the network may have decided to cancel it. Usually when save our show campaigns start they happen too late since the decision has been made and people have moved on.

The best way to make sure that “Timeless” airs further adventures is to start the cards, letters, and social media posts now. And if the gentle reader has not seen the show, he or she can still do so on demand,. These things tend to get noticed by the powers that be.