Episode 10 of Season 7 of "The Walking Dead" has introduced a new character and a new group of people - Jadis and a crew of scavengers. Rick smiles when he sees them because he immediately recognized the need to get them on his side and convince them to help the Alexandria bunch in eliminating the Saviors. The question is, can Jadis and her people be trusted?

Jadis has a motto

Jadis doesn't seem to be hiding something as much as she just doesn't say things that don't need to be said. "We take. We don't bother." In very few words, she tells Rick that they have survived by staying out of trouble and basically not getting involved.

But she admits that things are changing and maybe they need to change, too. She's not convinced, though.

They had an extreme zombie

In past episodes of "The Walking Dead", fans have seen a lot of different kinds of zombies. There have been familial zombies, children zombies, partial zombies and even pet zombies. But until this point, they've just been zombies. Destroy their brain and you're good to go. But Jadis has a secret weapon and his name was Winslow. When Jadis decides to find out if Rick and his people are serious about working with them, she tells him, "We need to know you are real with this. That you're worth it."

Then she pushes him down a mountain of garbage, where he meets Winslow, a zombie who has a special head covering and spikes coming out of all parts of his body.

Vulture magazine calls it, "something from a Guillermo Del Toro movie, one of Clive Barker’s Cenobites, or the Megadeth mascot."

Killing him seems impossible. But we know that on "The Walking Dead", even the impossible can be possible. Every time that Rick makes a move he ends up getting skewered on one of the zombie's many pointy appendages.

It's only when Michonne tells him to pull down the garbage that he is able to get the zombie in a position where Rick can impale his brain on a piece of broken garbage and end the struggle.

They make a deal - but will they stick to it?

After Rick destroys Winslow, Jadis talks with him and they work out a deal. It is not the greatest deal because Rick and the others will still have to go and find weapons to bring to Jadis and her people.

But it is a deal and that is what Rick needed. He knows he can follow through on his part. But will Jadis do what she says? Or will she just take the weapons that Rick brings her and back out? Is Jadis a friend or an enemy?

As Pollyanna McIntosh, the actor that plays Jadis told ComicBook, Jadis won't necessarily just sit back and be told what to do. "I think I can safely say that anything is possible," she told ComicBook. So, Rick and "The Walking Dead" crew may think they have a new best friend, but only time will tell if that is true.

What will happen next week on "The Walking Dead"? Watch for more spoilers coming up!