"Days Of Our Lives" fans were starting to feel confident about Chad and Abigail's future. However, right now, Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez are locked inside a storage unit. A sneak peek clip of next week reveals that the two will get a little bit too close. Passed out, Abigail finds them together in a compromising position. Well, fans shouldn't worry too much about "Chabby." Recently, executive producer Ken Corday promised viewers that the couple is end game.

Chad and Gabi kidnapped

There is a war between the DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families.

Deimos went too far when he kidnapped Chad and Gabi on "Days Of Our Lives." Abigail is looking for her husband and best friend. However, being locked in a storage unit and having to use body heat to survive will put them in a compromising position.

Abigail finds something shocking

When Abigail enters the storage unit to save the day, she is shocked at what she finds. Chad and Gabi are on the floor passed out. They are partially undressed, which makes Abby wonder if she still has to worry about Gabi Hernandez.

Will Gabi get between 'Chabby' on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

NBC released a sneak peek clip that shows Chad and Abigail talking. He is in the hospital recovering and talks about what Abby saw. He explains that they had to use body heat to survive.

However, he does look like he feels guilty. Even though Gabi told Chad that she loves him, he won't leave his wife. He cares about both women, but he is committed to Abigail.

Ken Corday says Chad and Abigail are end game

In the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest," the executive producer talked about what to expect when the new head writer takes over.

Ken Corday spoke about a few different couples, including "Chabby." He revealed that Chad and Abigail are end game, although they do have some serious hurdles to get over. Hopefully, Gabi will find someone else to drool over and leave Abby's husband alone.

What do you think of what Ken Corday had to say about "Chabby?" Are you relieved that Chad and Abigail are end game on "Days Of Our Lives?"