“The Walking Dead” has always gained a lot of notoriety for their intense character portrayals, but the latest villain on the show has to be one of the most intense characters yet. Negan, since his tear-jerking debut at the beginning of season seven, has been a constant pain in everybody's side on “The Walking Dead.” Strangely though, Negan has been noticeably missing in the last two episodes since the show's mid-season return, but fear not fans because he will be making a return in episode eleven this Sunday, which is eerily titled 'Hostiles and Calamities.'

Official Synopsis

The official synopsis for episode eleven of the hit television show reads as this: an Alexandrian must navigate the mysterious world within the Saviors' compound.

A lot of fans are speculating as to who or what will happen in this episode because Negan finally returns and we will see the fallout at Sanctuary of Daryl's escape from earlier in the season.

Adventures of old Eugene

However, long time fans of the comics will recognize which issue of the comics that the next episode portrays, and it is a huge adventure. In the video previews of episode eleven, we can clearly see that Eugene will be in the episode, which is especially interesting since earlier this season he was taken prisoner by the Saviors, after making a bullet for Rosita to attempt to assassinate Negan.

Eugene shines like Gabriel

In the comics, Eugene is taken prisoner, similar to how Negan intercepted him on the show, except the whole story-line acts as a story to show how far Eugene has come with his survival skills.

Eugene is locked up in Sanctuary, only to be released by Dwight who is working as a double agent, and then he proceeds to lead a group of points workers to safety in a very Rick Grimes fashion.

Eugene is a warrior?

The whole arc in the comic is a great story that helps solidify Eugene as not only one of the smartest people that Alexandria has, but also as a warrior version of his former self.

Moreover, the escape allows him to not only rescue people who are fed up with Negan's reign, but also gain more information about the infrastructure of Sanctuary and the people who live there.

Negan introduces Lucille to more interesting people

Negan will likely be on a rampage after Daryl's escape, and with Eugene potentially leading a prison break in the next episode, we could potentially see Dwight's fall from grace in the Saviors as his motives become more apparent.

This would also explain why we see Dwight being forced to prove his allegiance in episode eleven.

Dwight's motivations?

In the comics, Dwight's motivations are largely mysterious, with everyone being unsure of which side he is actually on, until he eventually helps Rick Grimes bring down Negan in an epic story that ends with large touches on biological warfare. The rest of season seven will likely play out like the comics, since so much of the television show has already mirrored the comic book this season. However, all of this means we can expect to see amazing character growth for Eugene, something which the show has already down a lot of with Father Gabriel this season. Eugene is notoriously a coward on the show, but despite his personal fears he becomes a very instrumental figure in bringing Negan down and winning the war. Without him in fact, Negan would still be in charge in the comics, so it will be interesting to see how much of episode eleven sticks with Eugene's story in the comics.