The "Walking Dead" and "Friends" are absolutely two legendary television shows that TV buffs are very well acquainted with. Each one uniquely different, but just as entertaining. A new video featuring the "Walking Dead" characters in place of the cast of "Friends" in the opening iconic theme song has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few days and fans of both shows are going nuts for it.

'I'll Be There For You' featuring Rick and the gang!

The video was put together by Woodcreek Fashion, a popular YouTube channel, who has found a fun and entertaining way to mash the violent darkness of the hit AMC series with the light hilariousness of the popular 90s sitcom "Friends" just for kicks, and it is paying off immensely for the creators.

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The video was posted four days ago has already brought nearly 300,000 views to the YouTube channel and has been shared countless times. The "Friends" classic intro theme song performed by the Rembrandts has been a song that has stuck in TV viewers' heads since the series debuted back in 1994. The song can be heard playing background to "TWD" character footage featuring Rick, Carl, Carol, Michonne, and Daryl, among other fan favorites.

This Woodcreek Fashion mashup is the second video of this nature for the page. The first mashup video was created during season six of The Walking Dead and included footage of one of the series' dearly departed -- Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun.) The new updated video also now includes the villain Negan, who, sadly, is responsible as all fans know for taking Glenn from us in one of the most violent and brutal television deaths ever recorded.

The video is meant for fun and not to drudge up bad memories for Glenn fans who are still mourning the show's tragic loss. So if you are a fan of "Friends" and "The Walking Dead" sit back and take a couple of minutes to view the video, it is worth the smile. TV fans can re-watch, or watch "Friends" for the first time if you are late to the party, and the "Walking Dead" up to the current season on Netflix.

New episodes of "The Walking Dead" air on Sunday night on AMC at 9.p.m.