A few days ago, Niantic updated some data of nearly every Pokémon in the mobile app, Pokémon GO. Those changes brought multiple comments in social networks, for and against, but according to Niantic, they are trying to get a balance and to give a better experience on it.

The most powerful and strongest

Before, the gyms were dominated by Snorlax, Dragonite and Gyarados, now there is a new list with “the most Powerful and strongest”, which brings a lot of surprises about the Combat Power (CP) and the maximum possible to achieve. It should also be mentioned that these data are extracted from the game data by us.

They are based for the calculation of IV of the creatures and correspond to each Pokémon in its final evolution in this Generation I, with a maximum level (40.5) and with a perfection of 100%, or what is the same, 15 IV for each feature of Defense, Attack and Stamina.

Top 10Hhighest CP: (The previous CP value is shown in brackets)

  • Dragonite 3607 (3521)
  • Snorlax 3379 (3116)
  • Rhydon 3324 (2190)
  • Gyarados 3304 (2670)
  • Vaporeon 3179 (2810)
  • Lapras 3002 (3002)
  • Exeggutor 2937 (2979)
  • Golem 2937 (2278)
  • Flareon 2925 (2643)
  • Machamp 2909 (2595)

The new of Pokémon GO

Another update already confirmed in Pokémon GO is the increased of "Pokemon Spawn" in rural areas. Recently, Niantic promised trainers more Pokémon in the rural area and they kept their word.

One of the rural trainers confessed recently had felt some changes after two days that Niantic had made the announcement. As well as this trainer, many others began to find more Pokémon, especially rare Pokémon like: Snorlax and Chansey.

Finally, the most surprising thing is the increased power of Rhydon, Golem and Alakazam.

They are now the preferred Pokémon for the defense and attack of gyms. Also, several users have lamented the fact of dropping the values of Blastoise and Arcanine. Although with the strategy of Ditto’s attack, just inserted in the game, these new data could be balanced.

Pokemon Go 2706 Cp Snorlax Adventure!

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