The date in which the interesting event of "Saint Valentine's Day" ends is too close, and without a doubt, the last updates have surpassed all expectations. However, new game details, as well as new changes and surprising upgrades are being revealed to date. Recently, Niantic enabled new changes related to the rate of eggs hatching and the addition of new Poke nests. New details have been found following the Valentine's Day event.

A source close to Niantic said that Niantic has made new changes to the game. According to what is cited by this source, users will receive a major update, related to Pocket Monsters that will contain Gen 2.

Next, we share with you the new details about this new update.

The new details found in the Valentine's code

According to the video game news portal Slashgear, Niantic has enabled a new update, as well as new changes in "Pokemon GO." This new update deals with Pocket Monsters (Gen 2). This new and interesting update will be confirmed by Niantic in the next few hours, however, it should be stressed that an accredited source has said that Niantic has already confirmed this information, which would be enabled following the conclusion of the Valentine's event, As it is, the events is already coming up on its end, so, ultimately, it won't be long now until the next update and/or new changes are implemented as part of the widely popular gaming application.

The new update arriving to the game

This is the first relevant update seen in this part of the game in a long time, which, according to the source, would be a new change that would lead Niantic, and therefore “Pokemon GO” to another large scale world, because with this new update, new users will arrive and join the game. Ultimately, with a game like "Pokemon GO," there will always be new updates, and new things to look forward to, as the game itself evolves -- just like the pocket monsters.

This is all that we have for the moment about the new changes and updates enabled by Niantic. Keep enjoying the new changes in the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.