Blac Chyna has Lost 40 pounds in only three months. After Giving Birth to her daughter Dream Kardashian in November last year, the makeup artist became obsessed with recovering the toned body she had before becoming a mother. The reality star shared her beauty secrets on Snapchat where she revealed how she lost weight in such a short time. Basically, the model lost weight thanks to three factors: breastfeeding, workout, and healthy eating. During the pregnancy Chyna weighed 192 pounds. She now weighs 152 pounds so she is ready to wear a bikini this summer.

Others reasons

Although the reality star lost weight thanks to healthy habits, it is probable that her separation from Rob Kardashian also influenced her weight loss. It is known that when women are separated from their partners they lose a lot of weight or, on the contrary, they gain a lot. In the case of Chyna, her romantic breakup has been public since she chose extreme exposure as a lifetyle. Chyna and Rob have broken and reconciled several times, so we never know what will happen to them because of the emotional instability they both suffer.

A Kardashian obsession

Blac Chyna is not the only reality star who is obsessed with having a perfect body. Her ex-friends Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian also want to look perfect all the time.

"Kiki" trains hard every day and faithfully follows the Atkins diet which gave her very good results.

"Kourt" practices yoga daily, is a vegetarian and only drinks water. "Koko" has gone through an incredible transformation: she used to be "the chubby Kardashian sister", as the media called her. One day she started to train in a gym and never stopped.

"Koko" now looks fabulous and is a great inspiration for women who are overweight.

Blac Chyna always wanted to be a Kardashian and is now the mother of a Kardashian baby. Thanks to her, Chyna will remain a celebrity for many more years, although some are fed up with the reality stars since they say that they do not have any talent that justifies their fame.