Mel Gibson might have the best formula for getting Hollywood to change its mind about someone. The director and actor went from being hated by Hollywood to being nominated for an Academy Award. How did that happen? First of all, what happened to make Hollywood dislike the talented actor/movie director?

Gibson's past

mel gibson was well liked at one time in Hollywood until he fell from grace. As an actor, he had starring roles in such films such as “Mad Max,” and the “Lethal Weapon” franchise. As a director, he has five Oscars for “Braveheart.” He also made lots of money for directing “The Passion of the Christ.”

Then Gibson made some wrong choices that caused Hollywood to turn against him.

Therefore, the actor and director spent many years away from Hollywood following an arrest for DUI in 2006 and for making anti-Semitic and racist remarks to police officers. Gibson later apologized to the Jewish community.

Four years later he was heard on tape threatening his ex-girlfriend with physical abuse, including rape and using the N-word. He would later plead no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge. At the time, Hollywood was unforgiving. Gibson probably thought he would never work again. The public also believed Gibson would disappear and never be heard from again.

Gibson's present

Mel Gibson was nominated for an Oscar this year for the first time in 20 years. He is in line to receive an Oscar at the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26 for Best Director for his work on “Hacksaw Ridge." His last Oscar was back in 1996 for directing “Braveheart.”

Not that the public condones Gibson for the wrong choices of his past, but people can't help but acknowledge his talent.

That was evident after the screening of his film, "Hacksaw Ridge" when viewers gave him a 10-minute standing ovation. People love Gibson's World War II drama about a Seventh Day Adventist and pacifist whose faith was tested. That was Gibson's comeback movie. Gibson, who used to have a drinking problem says he’s sober now and his life is back in order.

Will Gibson win an Oscar for "Hacksaw Ridge" that has nominations in six categories, including best picture, best director, best actor, film editing, sound mixing, and sound editing? Whether he wins an Oscar or not, Gibson should consider himself a winner. He is back in Hollywood where redemption seems to have taken place.