"Days Of Our Lives" fans are not very happy with Chloe Lane. She was secretly carrying Nicole's baby and Arianne Zucker's character just found out the truth. Now, the two women are at war over baby Holly. Chloe insisted that it was because of Nicole's relationship with Deimos Kiriakis. Recently, nadia bjorlin spoke about the storyline and revealed that Chloe will continue to fight for custody of Nicole's baby.

Deimos and Nicole's relationship

There is no doubt that Deimos Kiriakis loves Nicole Walker. However, he is no good for her. He is a villain and only cares about money, power, and revenge.

After she accepted his marriage proposal, he seemed to stop trying to be a decent man. Now, it is all about eliminating his enemies and thanks to Dario, Nicole knows the truth about Deimos. Earlier this week, she actually broke things off.

Chloe thinks Holly's biological mother is unstable

Deimos is not the only reason Chloe wants custody of Holly. She also thinks that Nicole is unstable. Facing attempted murder charges is not helping her case. Chloe is using all of these things against her former best friend. On Friday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Chloe even breastfed Holly in front of the biological mother.

Brady Black bashed because he is Team Nicole

In the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest," Nadia Bjorlin explained that Chloe will get angry with Brady Black, portrayed by Eric Martsolf.

He will plead with Chloe to give up Holly. This results in her asking why he is always on Nicole's side.

Chance of custody swinging in Chloe's favor?

Having Belle (Martha Madison) as her attorney is giving Chloe Lane confidence. She truly believes that she has a good chance of getting custody. Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) was right about Chloe.

She is trying to get Nicole riled up so she lashes out. So far, it has worked. Justin is correct when advising his client to play it cool. However, will she be able to keep a level head?

What do you think of Chloe and Nicole's baby story on "Days Of Our Lives?"