"Jimmy Kimmel Live" sidekick Guillermo added a touch of hilarity to the upcoming Super Bowl with a series of questions that lightened the mood ahead of the biggest sporting event in the U.S. He made it to media night, asking questions to players from both teams that garnered some quizzical responses. The Mexican joker with a mustache got up close to some Atlanta Falcons stars in Houston, pronouncing their names wrong, giving them hugs, and even asking one player if he had made love to one of the Housewives of Atlanta.

What does Tom Brady smell like?

One of the most memorable bits of the live media event was Guillermo asking New England Patriots players what Tom Brady smells like. He asked them one by one, even getting face-to-face with some of these players. However, most questions were asked from a distance, yelling over the other reporters in a desperate bid to determine what the star quarterback -- who was won four Super Bowl rings -- wears as a scent.

A few players refused to answer, but many were willing to open up about Brady, who reportedly smells like flowers. One player mentioned that he smelled of roses, while another said the Patriots star smells like very expensive flowers. Another noted that he smells like money, while a fellow teammate cracked a joke regarding Brady's food preferences, saying his scent is that of avocado ice cream.

At the end of the video, he got to to ask the star himself what he smelled like, to which he responded by telling Guillermo he already knew the answer. The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" security guard attempted to get up close to Brady to smell him, but the athlete refused.

His other best bits

There was plenty to be excited about from Guillermo's Super Bowl media event as he managed to get a soccer ball signed by Brady, as well as plenty of other athletes.

He asked Alex Mack what Disney princess he was, using a chicken leg as his microphone. Mack responded by noting he grew up on Aladdin, making him Jasmine.

Another memorable moment of the event came as Guillermo asked Bill Belichick to crack a smile (as the Patriots coach is notorious for keeping a straight face). Belichick complied, smiling several times upon the joker's request. Check out the video below: