One of the most controversial cabinet selections made by President Donald Trump has been Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. As Democrats continue to delay the confirmation, Press Secretary Sean Spicer came under fire for remarks he made on the issue.

Spicer trolled

On Tuesday night, Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke on the Senate floor in opposition to Jeff Sessions becoming the new Attorney General. As Warren began reading a letter written in 1986 by the late coretta scott king against Sessions, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced the Massachusetts Democrat, envolking a rule that prohibits a senator from engaging in "conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator." Warren would eventually live-stream the rest of the speech on her Facebook page, as backlash quickly followed.

The issue was brought up during the White House daily briefing, where Sean Spicer claimed that if King was alive, she would support Sen. Jeff Sessions for the cabinet positio. As seen across Twitter on February 8, top celebrities are now speaking out.

After being asked about the incident the previous night regarding the Coretta Scott King letter, Sean Spicer responded, though his answer was quickly met with skepticism. "I could only hope, that if she was still with us today, that after getting to know him, and seeing his record and commitment to voting in civil rights, that she would share the same view as Sen.

Specter did," Spicer said. The press secretary's comments were in reference to former Sen. Specter, who came out in support of Jeff Sessions later in life.

Hollywood answers

"I'm pretty sure the answer is no.

She wouldn't," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter in regards to the idea Coretta Scott King supporting Jeff Sessions. Actor and director Rob Reiner also gave his thoughts on the incident. "McConnell shuts down Warren on Senate floor in opposition to Sessions, Reiner wrote, before adding, "We're watching the Autocracy forming in front of our eyes."


You're not listening r u? You really don't get it: There's more of US than there are of you," filmmaker Michael Moore noted, while warning Republicans, "You'll find this out in 2018." Author Stephen King also reached out on social media, quoting a part of the King letter, tweeting, "'Nevertheless, she persisted.' So must we all. You go, girl."