"Game of Thrones" and its seventh season may be looming in the distance but fans of the show, and in particular those who loved the spectacular season four episode "The Watchers On The Wall" will be in a state of mourning as the actor behind the giant Mag The Mighty, who gave us one of the standout moments of the episode, has passed away.

36-year-old actor Neil Fingleton, who was able to portray a giant in "Game of Thrones" with ease, standing at seven feet seven inches tall, died from reported heart failure.

From sports to acting in 'Game of Thrones'

Fingleton, who was officially declared the tallest man in the United Kingdom in 2007, initially started his career playing basketball for the University of North Carolina, before transferring to Holy Cross and graduating with a degree in history Neil then had brief stints in the NBA D-League as well as playing in the English and Spanish professional leagues, but an unforunate injury soon put an end to his sporting career. However, Neil's unique height soon led him to acting, with the "Game of Thrones" star also appearing in "Doctor Who," as well as participating in stunt work for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Jupiter Ascending."

And now his watch has ended

In "Game of Thrones," Fingleton portrayed Mag the Mightly, a giant who was part of the Wildling army.

The character was responsible for one of the iconic moments of the show when Jon Snow sent his ally and friend, Grenn and some other members of the Night's Watch to defend an entrance of a tunnel beneath the wall -- a moment that Season seven will probably struggle to beat!

Fans will find it hard to forget the tense scenes of Fingleton's lumbering and menacing Mag the Mighty charging down the corridor toward the four members of the Night's Watch as they repeat their oath to the Night's Watch over and over, followed by Jon Snow tragically discovering his friend had succeeded in holding the gate, but paid with his life.

The larger-than-life actor will surely be missed.