The animated science-fiction sitcom “Futurama” will come out with a Mobile Game adaptation, entitled "Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow."

The game will involve players becoming the 'God' of the ‘Futurama’ universe

The premise of the game reportedly involves allowing the player to actually "recreate the Futurama universe," according to a statement from David X. Cohen, who had served as both a head writer and executive producer on the series, in addition to developing the original pitch with series creator Matt Groening. Some of the activities involved in the game will include traveling to planets and fighting the villains from the original show.

In addition, new material will be updated weekly in the game.

JamCity will develop the game, having also developed games for "Family Guy" and "The Avengers." Otherwise, little is known about the exact plot of the upcoming game, though it has been speculated to be similar to “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” game, in which players are able to create their version of “The Simpsons” universe.

Cast and crew are returning for the new game

Many of the voice actors from the original show will appear in the game. Billy West (who played Fry), Katey Sagal (who played Turanga Leela), and John DiMaggio (who played Bender) have all been confirmed to reprise their characters. In addition, there are reportedly various guest stars that are set to appear in the game.

A running joke within the series was that historical icons were kept immortal by keeping their preserved heads in jars, and it is believed various guest stars will appear as themselves through this format. As mentioned, crew members from the show are also said to be working on the game, including Cohen and Groening.

The game itself will be free to download, but players will have pay to obtain various add-ons in the game, which have been said to range from $1 to $50.

The game’s release is expected sometime this summer.

The original series had aired on Fox from 1999 until its cancellation in 2003. The series had then been picked up by the Comedy Central network in 2009, where it was rebooted until a second cancellation in 2013, in addition to airing in syndication on Cartoon Network’s late-night block beforehand. The show revolved around a delivery service based in a futuristic version of New York that ventured beyond the stars. A previous video game based on the series was released in 2003.