Donald Trump might have been elected president and sworn into office, but that hasn't stopped the opposition from speaking out. After several controversial executive orders and cabinet nominations, critics and political opponents of Trump are now calling for his impeachment.

Trump backlash

Almost immediately after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he made enemies in the world of politics for his controversial remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico. In the months that would follow, it seemed almost impossible for the billionaire real estate mogul to win the Republican nomination, let alone the actual presidency.

Despite various scandals and allegations against him, Trump weathered the storm of criticism and pulled off the upset win over Hillary Clinton last November. Ever since Trump moved into the White House, the backlash has only increased, with top celebrities using their status to push back against the president, as seen across Twitter on February 6.

"Case closed! I know he's a pathological liar, but when you start lying to our troops-25th Amendment NOW," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, before adding "Responsible leaders STAND UP." Former ESPN and MSNBC host, Keith Olbermann also went off on Trump, calling for his impeachment.

"Pardon me, @GOP leaders. This guy is out of his fucking mind. He needs to be removed from office," Olbermann wrote, while noting, "He is a danger to YOU (and everyone).

Horror author Stephen King sent out several tweets against Donald Trump, as he continued to pile on his message.

"Trump's tweets are both malevolent and excruciatingly dumb," King tweeting, also writing, "He comes off sounding lie a pro wrestling bad guy from 1965."

Criticism continues

"The first American Trump got killed died for what?

Not to mention the other troops injured & the civilians killed," filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on his Twitter feed. Moore's comments were in reference to the raid in Yemen that Trump ordered, which resulted in the death of an American solider.

Actor George Takei also took to his social media account to speak out against the president's recent claim that any negative polls released about him are just "fake news." "Think about this. For Trump, any fact that doesn't fit his bizarre narrative must be wrong. How dangerous.

How troubling," Takei tweeted, while adding, "Trump must go."

Current status

As Donald Trump continues to speak out and push his agenda, his critics, even in Hollywood, look to have had enough of the new commander in chief. With protests occurring on an almost daily basis against the new administration, it appears the friction will only increase over the next four years.