betty boop has returned in a new animated short that will advertise a clothing line inspired by the classic character.

What happened in the promotion short?

In the short, called “Betty Goes a Posen,” a redesigned Betty appears in a taxi, along with her pet dog, Pudgy, who was her companion in many of the classic theatrical shorts she appeared in. While closely resembling her traditional self, the most visual change is the addition to an iris within her eyes. While venturing through the city, she rescues an animated version of fashion designer Zac Posen, who is being attacked by a plant monster.

The only initial appearance of color within the grayscale short is the appearance of a red dress the monster steals from Posen, likely a reference to how Betty herself is often given a red dress in colored merchandise.

Betty is then seen calming down a fight at a hot dog stand between the vendor and a potential customer, the sequence likely a reference to a line in her theme song that “she can win you with a wink.” Posen and Betty then enter a building where they head to Posen's studio. He then proceeds to make her over, which transitions the whole sequence into full-color. Once again in a red dress, Posen comments on how Betty is a “star,” and places a literal star in her hair.

The short was released in three parts on Facebook:

What's happening behind the scenes?

Inspired by the flappers of the previous era, Betty Boop originated in the 1930’s as a creation of the New York-based Fleischer Studios, and is often regarded as one of the first female main characters within the animation industry. The promotional short is not the first time Betty has appeared in color.

Normally, all but one of Betty Boop’s appearances was in black and white shorts, the exception being 1934’s “Poor Cinderella,” which retold the Charles Perrault fable of the same name. That said, many of her original shorts have been recolored for commercial release over the years.

As mentioned, the animation is meant to promote a line of dresses inspired by Betty herself, with Posen developing the line, saying that it “felt absolutely right for the moment we’re living in.” Intended as something of a Valentine’s Day promotion, the clothing will be available for purchase on Posen’s website on February 14.

Posen was inspired by the original animated shorts Betty appeared in, reportedly having watched them on VHS as a child.

In addition, another promotion concerning the animated heroine will come out the same day. Cosmetics company Mac will also release a lipstick inspired by the character. The lipstick actually appears in the animated short toward the end, as Betty applies it herself, with Mac also receiving credit in the opening titles.