According to a new article from the Us Weekly people, they were able to score an interview with former Bachelorette winner, Josh Murray (left). If you'll recall, he was the one who won over Andi Dorfman's heart from Nick during her season before eventually breaking it after all the hype of the show wore away. Don't worry. It's common. Anyways, he is also one of Nick's greatest nemesis on the show, especially during this past season of "Bachelor In Paradise 2016" where they got into some real heated arguments!

Not sure about him

So, with all that bad history between them, it's no doubt that Josh had some skeptical or not-so-positive words to say about Nick and his current season.

He told them that he really questions Nick's intentions with these girls, implying that he thinks he might not really be taking this process serious, especially after seeing that scene that happened in the February 6th, 2017 episode where Nick told the women, he wasn't sure if this show was going to work out for him. Josh commented on that, saying he really felt sorry for the girls, having to hear that coming from his mouth, and described it as being very "deflating."

Some words of hope

However, despite all the negative words that he had for Nick, he did say that he hopes his season works out for him and especially for the ladies. He also was pretty self-effacing, saying he's not really one to talk since he's had two failed engagements from the show.

However, he made sure to mention that he was always there for the right reasons, and that he just really questions if Nick is really there for the right reasons.

He still hangs out with Amanda

Josh also told them that he hasn't watched the entire season. He's just caught a few of the more recent episodes. They had caught up to him at the recent "Love Bites" event at STK in Miami,Florida.

Before they let Josh go, they got him to talk about his current love life and pointed out that he was seen, hooking back up with his ex from the "Bachelor In Paradise 2016" installment, Amanda Stanton.

They were seen together in Los Angeles,CA on February 19th,2017. He commented on that, saying they had a good time together, but they're not ready to fully commit to each other at this time, because they fear that it could make things really tough for her two, young daughters: Kinsley, 4 years old, and Charlie, 3 years old. Josh and Amanda split up just a month after they got engaged on the show. Stay tuned.