The Oscars are here! This evening the world will take a few hours to honor some of the most successful people in the entertainment industry in the 89th edition of the Academy Awards. And if you did not keep track, here are the nominees for the Best Actor in a Leading Role category and a few details about each role that brought them here.

Andrew Garfield

Mr. Garfield plays Desmond Doss in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Mel Gibson. The movie might not get much attention in this edition of the Academy Awards because of “La La Land,” but Desmond Doss is a very interesting character, and Garfield played it beautifully.

This is a great homage, considering that the character is based on a real doctor preaching pacifism in the US Army during World War II. Also of note, this is Garfield’s first nomination for an Academy Award.

Ryan Gosling

A Hollywood favorite, Mr. Gosling plays Sebastian in the acclaimed “La La Land,” a humble jazz pianist trying to make it big in the Showbiz and keep his relationship with his beloved alive. Considering “La La Land” will most likely be the star in this year’s Academy Awards, Gosling has a good chance to take the best actor in a leading role award. His work in the movie was impressive, and it finally bested his previous masterpiece in 2011’s “Driver.” Also, “La La Land” is a great movie and should be checked out.

This is Gosling’s second nomination for an Academy Award, the first being for “Half Nelson” (2006).

Viggo Mortensen

Call it “the return of the king.” In “Captain Fantastic,” Mortensen plays Ben, a father of six, trying to raise his kids as a single parent. His performance was nothing short of great, deserving every ounce of recognition.

This is his second nomination for an Academy Award, after "Eastern Promises" (2007), and if not for “La La Land,” he would have a real chance of winning.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is one of the most notorious, respected and talented actors of our time. And this year he was nominated for his part as Troy Maxson, a hardened workingman trying to protect his son from suffering the way he did – at least, that is the character’s point of view in the movie “Fences.”

Washington was nominated for the Academy Awards six other times and won two of them, the first as an actor in a supporting role for 1989’s “Glory,” and the second as an actor in a leading role for his legendary part in “Training Day” (2001).

Final thought about the 89th Academy Awards best actor in a leading role nominees

All the nominees boast great careers and have done a beautiful job to be nominated for this prestigious award. If you did not watch any of the movies in which they played their parts, take your time in the forthcoming weeks and don’t let it slip by!