Uma Thurman custody case

The gloves came off just two hours into the custody trial over the 4-year-old daughter of actress Uma Thurman and financier Arpad “Arki” Busson. The couple, who never married, arrived at a Manhattan courtroom on Friday to settle custody issues regarding their daughter (Luna), and to dish out some mud-slinging. Busson’s attorney, Peter Bronstein, questioned court-appointed psychologist Sara Weiss about her report containing comments made by his client. It appears that Busson told Weiss, who was the first witness on the stand, that Thurman had a serious mental illness and mixes a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol to cope.

Busson also alleged that the “Pulp Fiction” actress resented being confronted on the matter of her mental health.

Although Peter Bronstein was allowed to ask Weiss about medication Uma Thurman allegedly takes to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia, her attorney (Eleanor Alter) quickly objected when Bronstein asked Weiss if Thurman consumed alcohol along with the pills. The judge also cut the question off as Thurman sat quietly sipping a cup of coffee. When asked about the side effects caused by the medication, the doctor told Bronstein that she was not an expert in medication. Weiss added that she did not know why Thurman was allegedly taking the medication, but knew stress was not easy for the actress.

During cross examination, Weiss stated that she was aware of Thurman having a mild learning disability, and some attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (but no personality disorder).

Why must child custody cases be so contentious?

On the other hand, Thurman’s attorney also attempted to paint Busson as a bad parent. Even Dr.

Weiss noted that sometimes it seems Busson’s visits are about his needs rather than that of his daughter’s. There was mention of a time when Luna visited her father in the Bahamas, only to see him leave for Cuba to attend a Rolling Stones concert with his son. There was another occasion when the child flew to London to be with her dad, but Busson decided to attend a soccer game with the sons he shares with supermodel Elle Macpherson.

When Bronstein stated that his client was not pleased with Uma Thurman’s choice of Brooklyn’s Saint Ann’s private school for their child’s education, the judge eventually chimed in. Judge Cooper listened intently as Bronstein explained how Arpad Busson felt the classrooms were small and cluttered, the atmosphere depressing, and the children appeared disheveled and dirty. Judge Cooper retorted that Busson’s opinion would be really upsetting to Brooklyn Heights parents. Thurman’s attorney pointed out that three of her own grandchildren attended Saint Ann’s and went on to graduate from Princeton and Stanford universities.