The results of the 2016 presidential election have only highlighted the wide political divide in the United States. In the week since Donald Trump became president, backlash against him has only increased, much to the chagrin of his most loyal supporters, including Tomi Lahren.

Tomi triggered

During his year and a half campaign for president, Donald Trump made many enemies in the media, though there were some on the far right of the political spectrum that have stood by his side though thick and thin. While it was expected to see many on Fox News support Trump, it was the presence of right-wing members of social media that helped get the word out.

One name that has become a firebrand for Trump and his agenda is Tomi Lahren of The Blaze. Lahren has been a strong supporter of Trump for sometime, and has made a name for herself by bashing members of the far left, typically what is known as the regressive left, campus left, or social justice warriors, who she refers to as "snowflakes." As seen on her "Final Thoughts" segment on January 25, Lahren appeared to be the one who was easily triggered.

"So what does the unloving and intolerant left do when they can't win an election, contribute anything to the country, or accept reality?Tomi Lahren asked to open her "Final Thoughts" segment. "Well, they make cardboard signs riddled with expletives, wear female reproductive parts on their heads, and march on the street hissing at well-dressed men in the most disgusting display of 'women's rights' we've ever seen," she continued in her angry rant.

Tomi Lahren didn't stop there, accusing the liberal Women's March of being made up of a "dozen extreme special interest groups marching in the same direction, not to advance the nation as a whole, but rather their own self-interests." The conservative firebrand went on to complain that the modern feminist movement, which has been highlighted by top celebrities like Madonna, Ashley Judd, and Chelsea Handler, were more interested in "subsidize abortion" than actual equal rights.

Lahren continued, explaining why the political right should be pleased with how liberals have reacted to Trump's victory.

"It's a chance for the silent majority to observe this freak show and count our blessings we are not apart of it," Tomi Lahren continued in reference to the Women's March.

"We marched into voting booths across the country and elected President Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States and the whiny and self ridiculious left isn't going to change that," she added.

Moving forward

Tomi Lahren and her outburst are almost a mirror image of how Donald Trump reacted to the news that the protests against him were larger than expected. While there is growing portion of the left that has been overtaken by political correctness in an attack on the First Amendment and free speech, Trump and his supporters can be accused of similar behavior, but just on the other side of the aisle.