An upcoming installment of the British television series, "Urban Myths," has been pulled from airing after controversy over it featuring late musician, Michael Jackson, who was played by a white actor.

What was the episode about?

The episode in question was called, "Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon," and was reportedly based around a reportedly debunked urban legend that Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando drove from New York as a group after the 911 attacks. Reportedly, the controversial episode was intended to create a "light-hearted look" at history, according to a released statement.

Joseph Fiennes was cast as Jackson, with Stockard Channing as Taylor and Brian Cox as Brando. As Fiennes is an English Caucasian actor portraying an African-American man, the casting was viewed as an inappropriate use of whitewashing and blackface.

While controversy concerning the episode had come to light as early Fiennes being cast in the role, the episode gained a larger spectrum after a trailer for the episode had been released, and reportedly faced much criticism.

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late musician, was one of the more prominent voices on social media to condemn the casting, writing, in various points, that it was "shameful portrayal" and made her want to "vomit." She had also been critical of the portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor, who had been her godmother, and wrote that these late figures deserve more respect.

Jackson's daughter condemned the portrayal of her father and godmother

Sky Arts later announced the cancellation of the controversial telefilm in a series on online posts. They had notably mentioned that they were influenced by concerns made by Jackson's family, likely referring to Paris, although not mentioning her by name.

The posts had also claimed that Fiennes had supported the decision to ban the episode, as well.

Paris Jackson likewise reacted to the cancellation on social media, where she had written that she was surprised by the action and was grateful. Michael Jackson's nephew, Taj “TJ” Jackson, also wrote on social media that he was happy that the episode was cancelled, crediting his uncle's fans for the reason behind the move, and also thanking the media for covering the story.