'Teen Mom' drama between Kailyn Lowry, Farrah Abraham

One way or another, the "Teen Mom" franchise brings its viewers a fresh dose of drama every week when episodes air. Even so, not all the drama takes place in front of the camera. Social media is ripe with Reality TV drama, and, according to the latest reports, Kailyn Lowry looks to have brought the hammer down on Farrah Abraham.

Someone compared Kailyn Lowry to Farrah Abraham, and the mother of two did not take to it well. In so many words, Kailyn Lowry essentially defended the fact that she's never done porn, which is a direct dig at Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham released her sex tape through a partnership with Vivid Entertainment, and, since then, Farrah has certainly been branded as a "porn star," which is something that most of the other "Teen Mom" stars certainly turn their noses at:

Farrah Abraham has certainly been the odd one out among the "Teen Mom" cast for some time now. It seems that old wounds between them are still fresh, judging by the recent incident in which Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran referred to fellow co-star Amber Portwood's boyfriend Matt Baier as a pedophile in an interview with Dr.

Drew Pinsky.

This led to a physical altercation between much of the cast -- including Abraham's father. In the time since the incident, Amber Portwood has threatened to quit the MTV production. However, with recent reports of backlash relating to Amber Portwood's boutique, if she doesn't turn things around soon, she may re-appear on the MTV show for financial reasons.

Farrah Abraham an easy target

Over the years, she has been an easy target, and often painted as the villain among the "Teen Mom" cast. That said, however, the businesswoman did not respond to the dig by Kailyn Lowry, and it doesn't look as though she will. While she is certainly outspoken, and does have a way of making headlines, it seems, for now, that she is letting this one go, and choosing to take the high road -- or maybe she's just too busy with her own endeavors to give Kailyn Lowry the time of day.