There is no telling when the true value of Prince’s estate will be summed up. The “1999” singer may not have left a will, but he certainly did not die a pauper, and left more than a music legacy behind. The Carver County District Probate Court released a file on Friday offering a glimpse at the list of inventory. It should be noted that this is only the beginning, since there is still no word on the value of Prince’s storied, unreleased videos and recordings. What has been established is that, at the time of the music icon’s death, he owned $25.4 million in real estate property, eschewed stocks, had around $110,000 in four bank accounts, and was in possession of 67 10-ounce gold bars, which has a value close to $840,000.

Part of the late megastar’s estate also includes his companies: Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc., LotusFlow3r, NPG Records Inc. and NPG Music Publishing, which had over $6 million in cash on hand when he died in April 2016 of an accidental prescription drug overdose. Aside from large assets such as real estate, there are all sorts of other items of value listed, such as Prince’s jewelry collection, his musical instruments, and the motorcycles from “Purple Rain” and “Graffiti Bridge.” The value of his trademarks and copyrights are yet to be determined.

A fleet fit for a musical prince

According to the court file, Prince also owned several vehicles aside from the iconic motorcycles. The list includes: a 2006 Bentley, 1985 Cadillac Limo, 1999 Plymouth Prowler, 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster, 1993 Ford Thunderbird, 1997 Lincoln Town car, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 2004 Cadillac Roadster XLR, 2010 Mercedes Benz, and a 2011 Lincoln MKT.

How to divvy up a fortune

Because the multi-talented music legend died without a will, Prince’s estate is a matter for probate. The next hearing is scheduled for January 12th. Even though Prince’s six living siblings will likely receive their fair share of his fortune, there are lawsuits pending which will probably affect the value of the estate.