Much of the world is still reeling from the sudden shocking and tragic death of music legend Prince Rogers Nelson. The “purple one” passed away at his Paisley Park home on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 from an accidental prescription drug overdose. An investigation into his death is still ongoing.

In a recent exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), the multi-talented musician’s sister, Tyka Nelson, told the entertainment media outlet that she had been expecting and preparing for her brother’s death for two years.Tyka Nelson told ET that upon receiving a simple two-word phone call: ‘He’s gone,’ she knew what the employee meant.

Nelson further stated that the news wasn’t hard at all as she knew it was coming. According to the sister, Prince hinted to her a couple of years ago that time was winding down for him. Nelson said that her brother confided in her that he had done everything he had come to do and that she has been crushed for two years.

Words of comfort for those still mourning

Prince’s sister also had a few words of comfort for fans still grieving. Nelson said that she had two years to deal with the inevitable but was sorry for everyone still struggling and hurting. She also suggests to give the process another year and a half to maybe come to terms with what has happened or at least to the point where she is at now with him being gone.

Purple reign

In the meantime, the award-winning artist has left the world with a massive amount of music to remember him by and his sister vows to keep the legacy alive. Prince, who was one of the most prolific songwriters in the world, may have left over 2,000 unreleased songs and videos tucked away inside a vault. Tyka Nelson says she is determined to get the music out there to the fans.

Tourists and fans can catch a glimpse into the world of Prince as Paisley Park officially opens as a museum today. A tribute concert for the late singer/musicianis scheduled for October 13th at the Xcel Energy Center located in St. Paul, Minnesota.